Promoting mental health & wellbeing through:
• Stress@Work
• Behaviour Support Planning
• Anxiety, Abuse & Aggression
• WorkPositive
• NMBI & IASW accredited

We'll completely manage your employee health initiative
• Improve Employee Discipline
• Boosts Energy & Engagement
• Integrate Workplace Goals
• Promote Core Values

We Do It Better:
• Care Plan Risk Assessment
• Practical & Hoist Skills
• Employee Health Screen
• Comprehensive Booklet
• Reduce Staff & Patient Injuries
• Certification and Accreditation
• Pre/Post Training Support

Our mission is to keep your employees healthier for longer and we achieve this by making healthy choices easy choices.


Training & Skills

Develop your staff with the skills they need to perform.

Employee Health

Ensure your employees feel valued, are ready to perform and stick with you.


We can help you with bespoke staff training & health plans.

hello, we are health co, a leading provider of healthcare training in ireland

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